Dearly Beloved,

Welcome to the land of Chops Angeles!

I’m the main field reporter, Nate “Chops” Johnson: Transplant Angeleno, World beard champ, writer, storyteller, producer, actor, pop-n-lock enthusiast, faux gold extraordinaire, and student of Tupacism.

I invite you to hop in my invisible hover-lit low rider named George, as we raise the bass, lower the top down, slow-cruise local ‘hoods and haunts, and traverse life’s winding freeways journaling the things I see, do, experience, imagine, and that I’m inspired by. Obviously, the topics of LA and facial hair will be heavily featured, but will also include pop culture and political musings. There will even be the occasional special guest rider in the passenger seat.

The Chops Angeles home page is the “catch all” where all content can be seen at one time as it is published.

The Bearded Adventures page is exclusively about all things facial hair. Everything from personal facial hair stories, beard competition photos, styling tips, to product reviews can be found here.

The Where I Stand page will feature any and every adventure I make and take.

And the Scenes From LA will house all of my LA-centric experiences.

I’ve got many stories to tell, and paths not paved to take. Buckle up! It may be a bumpy ride, but will always interesting. This is my first attempt to chronicle my most happening happenings, groovy clambakes, and other grand events. So, in the words of a famous 20th century Minnesotan poet, “Forgive me if this goes astray.”